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In today’s marketplace, ingredients are just the beginning of success. Tezcan Flour Mills uses wide selection of high quality wheat to be able to produce high quality flour.

Tezcan Flour Mills is following latest milling technolgy and investing on latest milling machines to have high quality flour. The wheat berry is highly varied and complex. It was not designed by nature for ease of milling but as a complex matrix of starch and protein in a durable, protective shell. For the flour miller to deliver the full potential of a wheat, he has to carefully disassemble what nature has put together. If the miller does the job clumsily the resulting flour will under-perform. It is not difficult to see why the milling process is so important and why physical attributes of flour controlled by the miller can affect the finished product. Control of starch damage and particle size, the elimination of bran particles and careful selection of flour streams all impact on flour quality. Milling wheat into premium-grade flour requires not just an in-depth knowledge of every process step, but also specialist machinery.  

Tezcan Flour Mills gives high importance for packing and delivery of our flour. Export shipments done with leading container carrier lines baring in mind minimum transit service time to our clients. You can be confident your product will get to the right place at the right time.

Technical Equipments

Annualy capacity : 300.000 tons

Total wheat storage capacity : 40.000 tons

Total flour storage capacity : 5.000 tons

Daily shipment capacity : 1.500 tons